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KilalaPanVerse3: Malachite Flight

Name: Malachite Flight

Nickname(s): Kite

Parents: Jasper (:iconlopoddity:) Anthea (:iconkilala97:)

Species: ¼ pegasus ¼ dragon ½ unicorn

Build: Smol

Special talent: Perfect pitch

Occupation: Pop singer




Kite is the result of a night of Jasper joining Pandora on a trans-universal drinking spree and a temporarily separated Anthea joining her friend Amber for a night on the very town and in the very universe Jasper and Pandora crashed. As far as Kite knows her dragon-mom woke up the next morning with a rather large egg next to her in bed. Jazz and her very close gal-pal Ember raised the resulting hatchling without telling her of her true origin until she was a teenager at which point she demanded to know who her "father" was a request gladly granted by her auntie Pandora.


Kite is a blend of her dragon-mom's competitive spirit and her momicorn's kindness making her the type of pony who brings everypony up with her. After achieving fame and fortune as a singer she uses her wealth and status to help needy foals from all walks of life through campaigns to fund education child protective services and family planning. Despite her success however she struggles with severe depression and feelings of inadequacy and is often too ashamed to admit her perceived weakness.




Kite's relationship with Jasper is caring but distant. Jasper often left her care to Ember and Misty or her parents and when they did spend time together Jasper was often at a loss due to their apparent lack of common interests. Jasper also has unresolved feelings of guilt toward Anthea which she represses and occasionally takes out on Kite. Very much a "Well done Daughter" gal.


Ember is seen by Kite as a sort of cool aunt and as she got older became something of an older best friend. They often party together when Jasper's not around though Kite has to keep Ember from getting too rowdy.


Growing up Kite saw Misty as a true mother figure often going to her when she was at her lowest points. She appreciates and values Misty's worrisome nature as it has at times saved her life.


Kite idolizes her "uncle" Stormy and tries to emulate his laid back style. She feels a bit like a fraud when doing so since she usually feels like a wreck inside but Stormy always manages to make her feel better with a kind word.


Kite met her momicorn when she was a teenager and eventually had a conversation with her. Anthea was very excited to introduce her husband and children to a fellow kirin but even though they connected very deeply Kite is reluctant to tell her the truth. It is often remarked by Anthea's family that Kite has become like another daughter to Anthea and an older sister to Oasis and Apollo. Kite is very much reliant on Annie for her emotional well-being.


Spike and Scootaloo had a big hoof in raising Kite and they are supportive and understanding. Kite always knows that if the going gets tough her grandparents can be relied on to be there by her side.




    -       Though she isn't blind like her momicorn her attempt at emulation of Stormy's hairstyle has rendered her effectively sightless most of the time.

    -       Her unusually gigantic ears however do more than just frame her face. Along with Kite's talent of perfect pitch she can hear with the acuity of a sonar.

    -       Despite her lineage and her name she's not much of a flyer. She can get where she needs to go but tends to fly like a drunk bat.

    -       She was born with mottled skin along her back and across her face a charm point for some but something she's pretty self conscious about and part of the reason she prefers wearing her bangs so long.

    -       Kite cracks dirtier jokes than either of her parents but she's pretty oblivious and innocent about love usually completely missing all but the most blatant come-on. 

Yay, I'm actually done with my graduate class. Won't be taking another for awhile.
KilalaPanVerse2: Ladybird Luster

Name: Ladybird Luster

Nickname(s): Lady (Claire and most of her family), Lusty (almost everyone else)

Parents: Iridescence (:iconlopoddity:), Crystal Clarity (:iconkilala97:)

Species:  ¼ Alicorn, ¼ Changeling Queen, ¼ dragon, ¼ unicorn

Build: Hawt

Special talent: Being really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking

Occupation: Princess



Lusty found that she didn’t have the same problems her mothers had when they were growing up. Though she is noticeably more than a mere pony, others tend to find her irresistibly attractive, and Lusty tends to find the feeling mutual. She maintains an openly pansexual and polyamorous lifestyle and harbors a secret goal to be everyone’s girlfriend. This doesn’t make her a pushover, however. She is assertive and a bit on the controlling side, her temper flaring when things don’t go quite as planned.


She takes her royal duties much more seriously than most ponies expect. She is very good at organizing the senior princesses’ schedule and handles many of the diplomatic missions. With great reluctance, she manages to keep her business separate from her pleasure, but much to her grandmothers’ chagrin, she often does not manage to keep her pleasure from following the conclusion of her business.




Claire finds her daughter’s antics greatly amusing, and eggs her on in her quest. Lusty trusts her dragon-mom completely, and is one of the few ponies who she lets her guard down around, always telling her about her fears and insecurities.


Eerie is perplexed by her daughter at times, being the only one who seems utterly unflusterable. In fact, Lusty often tells her bug-mom bawdy jokes and flirts with her incessantly, making her one of the few who can actually fluster Iridescence.


Celestia loves her granddaughter as dearly as she does Eerie, but she frankly finds her even more fun. She doesn’t bat an eye when Lusty propositions her, and actually turns it right around. Even so, she tries to rein Lusty’s exploits in when she becomes too adventurous, often using the art of distraction.


Chrysalis finds her granddaughter delicious, which is why she tends to avoid her.


Spike usually doesn’t notice Lusty’s come-ons, so she stopped trying after awhile, but they bond over a common love of secretarial skills. Lusty sees him as a mentor figure and turns to him for advice.


Lusty loves her grandma Rarity, and always admired her style. She strives to be just as beautiful and generous as her.


Her aunt Skyla is very close to Lusty, even having babysat her on occasion. Lusty learned how boss ponies around from her aunt, and feels sympathy for Skyla’s complicated feelings for Eerie. Lusty frequently suggests throwing some of those feelings her way, but Skyla thinks that would just make them even more complicated.



    -         When she was born, her parents thought she had deformed dragon wings that had fused to her body all around. It wasn’t until she hit puberty that they formed into her shell and opened to reveal her true wings.

    -         She can sense emotions and they do tend to energize her and she can eat small amounts of gems, but she primarily consists on normal pony food.

    -         She knows a little Changeling and picked up a bit of Dragon, but only enough to vaguely understand what’s going on.

    -         Her grandmother Rarity gave her the Fire Ruby for her birthday after she had found it in a drawer and expressed interest in it. Her mother fashioned the new necklace for her, and she never takes it off.

She has the ability to use dragon flame to shapeshift others temporarily into another form, but cannot use it on herself.
Woo, I'm actually not behind on my graduate class work. Just have to finish my research paper for next week and I'll be one step closer to my Master's!


Comic Upgrades
For each additional character or for each additional panel in a comic format in a Line Art, Colored Art, or Colored Art w/ Background commission (e.g., Colored Comic w/ Backgrounds and 6 panels would be 1 Colored Art w/ Background + 5 Comic Upgrades).
Line Art w/out Color
Line art of up to 3 characters.
Colored Art no BG
Colored art of up to three characters with no BG.
Colored Art with BG
Colored art of up to three characters with BG.
Well, the annual Sparity drawing marathon is complete. Granted, I ended up not being able to complete yesterday's on time due to issues, but I got it and today's done with time to spare before the official end.

In other news, I'm now a parent. You might be able to tell when this momentous occasion occurred by my JanSparity drawing content. I thought doing a drawing a day was tough while I was in the middle of a war game in Korea last year, but doing it while caring for a newborn definitely tops that. I have not slept through the night for most of the month, and free time is no longer a guarantee due to the whims of My Little Tyrant. So cute, though.

I'll also be trying to work on some personal projects as the year goes forward, which combined with the mini-me may cause posts to become less frequent, but hopefully I'll be able to publish some original stuff that will make it worth it. I'll try to keep everyone updated, though.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Operating System: Mac OS X
Favourite cartoon character: Rarity
Personal Quote: To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not my nature....


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